HFM Academy

The House FM Academy DJ programme will enable a young person to understand more about music, where will learn how to DJ.

Our tutors will guide pupils through a fun and interactive journey, which will engage them and fuel their enthusiasm and passion in music.

Every session begins with a overview of the day so students knows what they will be doing.

The tutor will then introduce a topic area, and students will be given an opportunity to have hands on experience.




In the basic session, students have time set aside for problem solving and asking questions

     hfm 5


This is important for learning


hfm 2


Our sessions are organic, meaning that we can adapt depending on the session


hfm 4


We have also built in 30 mins before the end of the day for reflection and evaluation.


This is when students will have the opportunity to collectively reflect on the day and discuss any areas in more detail.


hfm 7


We feel this is very crucial as students need to feel part of the session

Students will also be expected to complete their workbook, to evidence their learning


This is a requirement for accreditation.


Topic areas covered

Equipment set up

 Main function of a mixer

Main functions of CDJs



How to mix on CDJs

Effects –cue, filtering, hot-cue techniques

Looping & Corrective looping

Daily hour of freestyle