We have just updated our schedule to make your Monday extra special

We have just updated our schedule to make your Monday extra special. House Fm would like to welcome the incomparable House Music Legend Brutha Basil as the newest member of our presenter Line up.


Basil was one of the staff members of the Paradise Garage a featured DJ at Wildpitch and a resident of The Choice, Redzone, Soundfactory, Nells in Manhattan and various clubs in New York City.


Also he was the creator / curator of the hardhause at Killamanjaro. At Killmanjaros he hosted one of the first mainstream dance competitions with his late great friend Voodoo Ray.


Basil has shared a residency with his mentor Larry Levan at the legendary New York City nightclub The Choice.


He has also been featured with DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Joe Claussel, Ron Trent and Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega who produced the Groove Odyssey release Freedom Of Dance which featured the vocals of Brutha Basil.


Basil has been recognized as one of the traxsource top artists two consecutive years (2016 & 2017). And in the “spoken word” genre as artist he’s worked with DJ Spen , Mark Francis. And most recently featured on The #1 Traxsource album “Celestial” collaborating with DJ/Producer Paris Cesvette on the track Bruthas.


With #myhaus #bruthabasil anticipate your mondays to be more eclectic as Brutha Basil will feature various genres of music which will include garage classics, disco classics and some of todays best music by some our times top producers and artists.


It is an honour to have him amongst our family at HouseFm.net