We welcome Noel EEteks

Noel EEteks passion for the wide spectrum of rhythmic driven house releases, he found various styles that led him to form the production House of Mizchif Entertainment.

Maintaining his focus on delivering crowd-pleasing, dance floor-filling house music, EEteks dips from little known releases to big room records whilst maintaining a deft and unique style.

With his production focused on incorporating vocal snippets or full vocal songs, he manages to remain an underground pleaser with commercial appeal.

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If it was possible to love only one style of house then he would be happy, but he remains faithful servants to the mistress of bass and kick in her many disguises.

Noel EEteks has delivered memorable sets in the UK and France. in his homeport, London, he has rocked clubs such as Ministry of Sound, EGG, Aquarium, Rainbow Warehouse (Birmingham), V festival and played on stages at Uprooting festivals.  With an already outstanding talent in the house market,

Noel EEteks stands out by his top-notch DJing and production skills and his impeccable taste in music.