Lindsey Ward

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    THURSDAY - 14:00-16:00

I first found my love for music from a young age but around the age of 7 my parents brought me a mini music system for Christmas as I always loved to listen, sing and dance to music but that very day i took it to another level, I decided I wanted to find out where the music was coming from so armed with my dad’s screwdriver I began to dismantle the mini stereo.Around an hour later my mum entered my bedroom horrified to see my brand new Christmas present in pieces and myself crying because I couldnt fix it and yes...i never found the music !!

I first started my DJ career on Soundz Fm around 21 years ago, Where I learned to mix on decks with vinyl when the station was off air, I had great support from the station members who choose my DJ name as Lady Addict as they all agreed I was an Addictable person to be around.I also done guest slots on other pirate stations across London. Just before Soundz FM went off air i had started on Entice FM where I played a live vinyl set in a major department store in oxford street whilst shoppers went about their business, what an experience that was, one I will never forget. I also played on whoa FM and invincible to which as then i suffered an injury to my back and carrying my record box full of vinyl wasn't an option and I was unfortunately out the game...

My return to music last year became my new musical journey. After 18 year off the music scene I come back as a vinyl DJ playing UKG under Dj Lady Addict but slowly I Began to find my love for House music and I decided a name change was needed and DJ Lindsey Ward was put in place. I was on a London station for the past year building up my profile and also I turned my hand to music production where I had my first track I produced with Dave Dellar (Rocket Dubz) which was signed too Piff/snazzy tracks which reached number 2 in the garage essential chart on Traxsource in November 2018.I have continued with my music production and have more tracks to be released in the coming months .

I Have played in Croatia and also the Croatia reunion this year for Prophecy of House and I am also a resident Dj for Nuestra Casa boat party's which has now grown and taken to land in a London venue. I played my first festival and numerous other venues across London and Bedford .This has been an amazing year for me and I'm looking forward to what the future will bring ,My Love , hard work and dedication to my music has given me the drive to get me to where I am today. I hope you all enjoy my new show on