Shiloh & Simeon

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  • Show Times: TWINZ IN SESSION

    Saturday 20:00 - 22:00





When did you begin DJ'ing what made you start?

I'm a bit of a late bloomer, I joined Major Movements in 2013 and got booked for my first event at the beginning of 2014. I've always collected music and used to put together compilation CD's for friends and family. My brother and best friend kept saying I should give it a go, a bit of help and encouragement from them started me on my journey.



What would you say influenced you towards House music?

Listening to pirate radio stations and having my cousin living with us when I was a teenager. He had turntables in his room and I used to sit and listen to him play . I can't tell you how old I was when I heard my first house & garage record, I just know as soon as I heard it I was hooked. I'd also have to say Ibiza played a big part,



Of the many genres of House which are your favourite?

To be honest how something makes me feel when I listen to it is more important to me than which Genre it comes under. If it happens to be Deep, Tech, Tecno, Nu Disco, so be it.


Which artists, producers, and tracks stand out for you, both now and from the past

Kerri Chandler, Franck Roger, Sidney Charles, Sante, Dennis Ferrer, Man Without A Clue, Josh Butler, Volkoder, the list is endless. I hate being asked to pick tracks cause I can never answer, I like too much to be able to pick a favourite.



Name some highlights or profound moment in your time as a DJ:

Joining Major Movements for a start, I took a risk and gave them one of my first proper mixes and as result was asked to come and do a guest mix on the Major MoveMents Show and I never left. I'm grateful they took a chance on me and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time on HouseFM. Next, I'd have to say would be booking my first event at Nomad for Meraki and then asked to DJ at Backto95. For someone outside my immediate circle of family and friends to think I was actually good enough to DJ at an event as big as Backto95 was a really big deal for me, especially as I used to attend regularly.


Have you done any production? If not is it something you aim to do?

I haven't yet but it is something I would like to get into eventually but right now I still feel I have more to accomplish as a DJ



Going on from that, what are your musical plans for the future?

I'm really enjoying myself right now and all I want is for myself & Major Movement to continue to go from strength to strength including playing festivals and abroad.