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    Thursday 14:00 - 16:00

DJ/Producer Yooks is one of those rare breeds of House Music professionals who ply their trade with an originality and artistry that is missing from the modern landscape. Born and raised in London, he is the presenter of his own hugely successful show Phat Plastic Xtravaganza on Housefm.net and has performed live all over Europe. He has 30 years’ experience blending and making quality music which inspires dance floors, is fully-formed and ultimately speaks to your very soul. Releasing an album in 2019 called ‘The World You’re In ‘on Newtown Recordings, his creations show a back catalogue of collaborations that are more than just impressive. Working alongside Chicago songstress Andrea Love, Taliwa, Andre Espeut and many more, have seen Yooks building on an already exceptional live career with tracks such as the critically acclaimed ‘Greater Love’ released on Newtown Recordings, charting in the Top 10 Album charts. He has released music on quality imprints such as Plastik People, Quantize, Unquantize, Newtown recordings, and Large Music which clearly demonstrates his ability to weave luscious sounds with an underscore of driving dance floor beats. His live sets reflect that same energy and he has now become a regular feature at events such as Ceremony Festival Finsbury Park, Ministry of Sound, Groove Odyssey and GO Ibiza. His radio show sits comfortably alongside broadcasts by fellow presenters Roger Sanchez, Terry Hunter,  Stacy Kidd and further endorse his soulful house credentials. Like those artists, he chooses to use original vocals and produces music that is infectious and unique. Uplifting, spiritual and filled with moments of bliss, his innovative style underpins the world which stirs the emotions and truly gets the House Heads moving.

2020 sees the arrival of Yooks to the big-time arena as his productions gain an increased momentum with an eager audience. What he brings to an event is immeasurable as crowds flock to his Afro, Soul and House sound and continually bay for more. He is the piper that leads the dance and the producer that makes the music breathe. This is the world he lives in and it is magic!!!