Drew Simmons

Additional Info

  • Show Times: Roots of House Monday 12:00 - 14:00

Drew Simmons was born and raised in New York City and currently resides in Atlanta. As an avid fan of
HouseFM since the spring of 2013, he has been called by many as the #1 Fan and Ambassador of HouseFM in the United States, perhaps in the world. Some of the HouseFM DJs have also branded him as “The Walking Music Encyclopedia” due to his vast knowledge of music history. Drew is a dedicated music collector with over 20,000 songs in his collection and is determined to share his love of music with listeners all around the world. You may catch him and his bright yellow tambourine (nickname“Junior”) at one of our many events such as GOIbiza or 51 st State Festival.

As a child, Drew learned how to make mixtapes and engineer his “mock radio shows” with a tape recorder and stereo system as early as 7 years old. During the disco era, his father was the resident DJ at all the local house parties in the neighbourhood and his mother was the best dancer in the family.  Music has always been in Drew’s blood, singing with his college gospel choir and on cruise ships alongside the entertainment staff while on holiday.

Drew has been working with the HouseFM team since the summer of 2018, creating jingles for many of the other DJs, recording commercials, and most recently guest co-hosting with Steve Harrington during his Midshow Retro segment in August 2019. He is also featured in the weekly “Something for the Weekend” segment with DJ Careless. Drew is new to the HouseFM family with his show, “The Roots of House with Drew Simmons”. With his show, he hopes to encourage inspiration among listeners while
bringing back great memories and education of the disco and classic soul/R&B era.